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Mind Body Psychology


Communication/Lifestyle Habits/Mental Wellbeing


I truly believe that when it comes to defining health, in order to improve the well-being of each individual, we need to look at the whole person: mind, body, soul, and spirit. How we spend our mental and physical time and energy, and how we take care of our bodies is a huge part of my professional focus.


There is an indisputable connection between your mind and body. Your physical health affects your psychological well-being, and your thoughts and emotions can, in turn, affect your physical health.


With all of the emerging treatments for mental, physical, and emotional ailments available in today’s society, it can be difficult to tease out the good from the bad, the helpful versus the harmful, and what works from what doesn’t. You have to decide what is best for you individually, because there is not one solution that will be right for everyone. The right solution will be the one that is best for YOU. 


As both a licensed psychologist and CrossFit coach, this is exactly why I created Mind Body Psychology Services. I want to be able to help you utilize both the power of your MIND and the power of your BODY to improve physical and emotional health and overall well-being.

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